Neo Rauch’s Leipzig 

Hey everyone, David here.  So, I had a chance to go to Leipzig this Summer and I took that chance because…”Leipzig school” and whatnot.  We’ve all heard about Neo Rauch and his circle of painters that all live in Leipzig from our painting teachers in college and I guess I wanted to see what the place was really like.  So I went to the city (and when I arrived, randomly, there was a very large procession parading through the city streets in memoriam of Michael Jackson, so that gives you an idea of exactly what day this was) and checked out the main museum (Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig) and what should I find hanging 5 stories tall but an enormous poster canvassing the entire face of the museum to advertise for Neo Rauch’s retrospective.  What luck!  Well, so I of course paid my entrance fee and giddily trotted downstairs to meet the man, the myth, the legend (he wasn’t there but I always get a little excited whenever I get to see paintings I’ve only been able to look at previously in books).  So I got down there and man, those paintings are BIG!  How big, you ask?  Well, lucky for you I am not a law-abiding citizen under certain circumstances and even though it was absolutely VERBOTEN to take any pictures of the work in question, I bumped my Canon up to Turb-I-S-O and started drive by shooting (pictures… and only when the security guards weren’t looking).  Anyway, I tried to take pictures so you can see their scale in relation to a human, so they usually have people blocking a portion of the painting.  And without further ado, the pictures:

P.S. Fun Fact: for you Baroque music buffs, Leipzig was also the home of Johann Sebastian Bach and is only one hour away from Berlin.  I did not know that.

So that’s my first IUPainters blogging.  In future posts I’ll talk about the Mathias Weischer exhibition that I went to as well as the place where the Leipzigers keep their studios.  ALSO, I went to Art Basel and will talk about that too.  And I took a ton of pictures of everything so get ready.