Hello world!

Hello Everyone
Welcome to IU Painters. We hope this will become a forum for MFA and BFA students to interact with each other online. This blog is designed as a forum for sharing information about all issues pertaining to painting, aesthetics, and art in general. The layout is similar to Twitter in an effort to foster quick, shorter posts, but it should also support longer posts as well. Even more interestingly than the posts themselves, this layout should support a clear and dynamic way of viewing comments and responses to those posts.
For right now, Travis is serving as the de facto administrator of this blog. For any suggestions on how to improve the blog, please email him at tdhinkle@indiana.edu.
If you are interested in participating, please go to wordpress.com to create a profile. You will then be able to email Travis, who will authorize you to author posts without having to go through admin.
Please participate!